Memories of Brent

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Scott Hickey -- 4/7/05

 It's impossible to share all of the good times Brent and I had over
the course of our long friendship.  As I was thinking of memories that I
could pull to share with people here I couldn't get myself to think of
exactly one.  It's not that I don't have good memories, because that's
basically all I have: working out after school, playing soccer and
basketball, hanging out, going to parties together, seeing each other at
school, the list goes on.  However, if I had to pick one ultimate memory I
think I'd have to go with the night that we teepee'd Garret Russell - it just
doesn't get better than that.

Jordan Pyle -- 4/16/05

  I agree with Scottie one hundred percent every time I was with Brent it was a blast. Sometimes we were both so tired, like at soccer camp to do anything but we still had a blast. Brent was so much fun I loved to hang out with him he'd brighten anyones day. I'd have to say one of the memories that really stands out in my mind would probably have to be the whole soccer camp in general that was such a blast. Brent was a great friend and I know he is still there for me.

Katie Leclere -- 4/20/05

The one thing that i can say about Brent that will always be remembered for sure is his always smiling face. The thing will always stick in my mind is in 7th grade we were on the same "team" for school- that was team *EXTREME*- I rememeber the first day we got there, we thought together, "oh man, this is going to be the worst year ever. We have all the wierd, nerdy kids in all our classes, and this year is just going to drag on forever." By the end of the year, we all talked and thought it was the best year ever. It was always Neil, Ian, and Brent together. They would make jokes, and could always make the class laugh. They were the most funniest guys to be around. I will never forget that year as one of my favorite years in school. We always had the most fun.  Brent was always smiling and i know he's smiling down on us always. He still watches every soccer game of the Twisters, Dow High, and every one of his brother's and familie's sports events. He is at every sporting event  possible. We all can feel him around, and will never forget him. He will always be remembered in my heart, as the guy who never stopped smiling and who could always make you laugh or feel better, after a hard, long day. His smile is contagious! I love you Brent, and please watch over all of us <3

Mike Popovich - 3/12/05

I have only met Brent once at his family reunion in August of 2004.  I will never forget him. He was a really good prankster. He got me and his Aunt with is Dave’s insanity sauce. Our mouths burned for an hour. We thought it was hilarious. We had him nail his cousin Steph and friend David with the sauce.  He had us rolling with laughter. I will always remember him when I use hot sauce.


Linden Mault  3/17/05


I think Brent must have been 10 and I was barely 10 1/2.  School was almost out and the city wide elementary track meet was that afternoon.  Aside from the gorgeous weather we were all so excited that we were winning.  Brent's smile lit up so big when they announced that we had tied for first.  I remember the whole group of us scott, brent, will, katy, myself, claire and many others jumping off the bleechers and running down to the track to claim or trophey we were so proud. 
When we were in life long fitness together in ninth grade we were on the cardio machines and Brent some how managed to get his shoe caught right as we were heading out side.   After ten minutes tugging at the shoe Brent and Karl finally managed to get it out.  Brents cheeks were so blushed and the smile on is face was if he had done nothing wrong. Our teacher Mr. Neher could do nothing but shake his head and smile.  It was one of the moments that makes your day.
hope these help sincerely
-Linden Mault
Michael O'Brien - 4/26/05 
        The first time I met Brent was at the Gymnastics center when I was in elementary school. I didn't even talk to him the whole night because I was nervous. I could tell he was a cool kid. In six grade we had spanish together, and talk some here and there. I really got to know him in seventh grade, and I wish it could have been sooner. We had like four classes together in seventh grade, in a class where, as Katie said, we didn't know many people. We made the best of it though. Examples are when we played hundreds of games of tic-tac-toe in Schlaff-Dog's class, with Melissa keeping score, or talking about how we were going to go snowboarding the next weekend. In eighth grade we only had 2 or 3 classes together, but they were a lot of fun. We always traded homework and notes in history, and at the end of the year when we were mad at our teacher, we both 'accidentally' closed our eyes in the school picture. Around this time, we started volunteering at things like the old folks home, the annual dow run walk, or safety town. Brent brought a lot more to my life than a just a great friendship, but helped me get me countless hours of volunteer time (that I probably would never have done) that will help me in the future.
       Brent was really competitive. That added a lot too our friendship too. He was always better at snowboarding that me, even though we used to brag about who was better. We all know that he was a beast at soccer, better than me at basketball, and he tried to tell me that when he was in little league he would have smoked me at baseball. We all know that I smoked him at halo along with Scott.
       While being with Brent, there was never a dull moment. There was always a joke to be told, or a game to be played. Brent, I'll never forget the good times. Thanks for being a great friend.
Shaelon Goeddeke   4/28/05

    I had always heard about the 'soccer boys' from Laura and some of the other sophmore girls  I know,  but for some reason I could never tell them apart or remember which one is which.  I don't know why haha, none of them look alike.  Anyway, the night that I met Brent, I was at McDonalds with him, Will and Alex.  I was on the phone with someone and they asked me who I was with.  I thought about it for a second, took a guess and I guessed wrong because I called him Adam.  I felt so bad that I didn't know his name. Then, after just meeting him, my sister came to pick us up and she took the boys to Will's house since they needed a ride too.  That had to have been the funniest ride I have been on in a while.  I think we missed Will's house about 3 or 4 times until we finally turned in the right one, not to mention how squeezed we all were in the backseat.  Brent probably thought we were out of our minds. Everyone was laughing and having fun though. Laura told my sister the next day that he told her he was scared out of his mind haha.  Sorry for scaring you Brent!  We were just making sure you weren't stranded at McDonalds all night...especially with Will and Alex...that would have been rough haha.  Just kidding!! 
     I just wish I would have gotten to know him better and had the chance to hang out with him and maybe get his name right!!! 
~God Bless
Adam Brzak  5/26/05
Brent was, and always will be a special person to me.  Brent could brighten anyone's day, and put a smile on your face no matter how bad of mood you were in.  I could talk to Brent about anything, and he would listen.  I have tons of memories about Brent, and it is hard to choose one, but one memory that always comes to my mind when I get into my car is about Brent and it always brings a smile to my face.  I had just gotten my license and was excited like any average 16 year old.  It was Dow High soccer try-outs and was giving Brent a ride to them.  I pulled up into the driveway in my car, and there came Brent, with a helmet tied on tightly.  He kept that helmet on the whole way to Dow High and he pretended like he didn't have the helmet on, trying to act normal and not laughing.  Brent always put a smile on my face, and I will never forget his smile he always had. He was always smiling.
Ali Hardy  5/26/05
Every great memory I have with Brent is from our car rides to school, or home together. On the way home, if I had a bad day he'd always listen, say nothing until I was done, and then say a couple of words that made me laugh. He always knew how to brighten those rides home. The best memory I have with Brent is when we would go and wash my car after school every Wednesday during the spring. He'd sit inside, and laugh while I struggled. Afterwards he would point to a spot and tell me that I missed something. Both of us didnt say much on the way to school, but some how he always convinced me to listen to Bob and Tom, and although I hated it at first, Brent taught me to enjoy it.
- Ali Hardy
Will Bowser  6/1/05
Brent and I were good friends for a long time but when we went to highschool, that is when we became great/best friends. Brent, Scott, and I hung out almost every weekend for six weekends, right before Brent went to heaven. And i have never had more fun with two of my best friends. Whether it was taking walks with Brent and Scott, sleeping over at eachothers houses, and even playing poker, and sneaking out of Mrs. Romains house (Sry Mrs. R.) We had a blast whatever we were doing. The one thing that i will miss more then anything is every single school night Brent calling me and asking what hw we had first and second hour and wheter or not we could copy eachothers the next day of school. Every single school night he would call me and i would look foward to it, and ill never forget looking down at caller id around 7:30 at night and seeing 832-5924. Nothing could ever happen to make me forget Brent and how much i miss hanging out with him and waiting for his calls....
Alex Poznak - 6/9/05
I went to Carpenter so didn't meet Brent until Middle School.  Mrs. Romain was my Math teacher all through grade school so I heard a lot of stories about him before I really met him.  When Mrs. Romain talked about Brent I knew I would like him.  Although we were friends in Middle School he was just becoming one of my closest friends.  Brent always made me laugh.  In Spanish class one time we dared each other to eat a small chunk of chalk.  We both did it and then our Spanish teacher called on both of us to come up to the front of the room and carry on a Spanish conversation.  We didn't have time to rinse out our mouths and apparently had white stuff on our lips.  Now, sometimes I'll think about something funny and think I know I want to tell this to someone but I can't think who - then I'll remember that the person I wanted to tell, who would think it was really funny, is Brent.  I'll always miss his sense of humor. 
~~Claire Simone Liang  6/10/05
I met Brent in 5th grade at Siebert Elementary. We were in the same class, and rode bus #52 home from school together everyday. I dont know how we became such close friends at such a young age, but it seemed like we told eachother everything we thought was important back then. I always looked forward to the end of the day when we could joke around about the 5th grade nonsense in our little worlds. I remember at the time Jonathan Speese and I were an "item" haha, but Brent asked me who i thought was cute besides JJ, and I remember i leaned over into the aisle on the bus and whispered "you" in his ear. I remember he blushed, and i asked him who he thought was cute. I don't remember who it was, but i remember being dissapointed because it wasn't me. haha. Our 5th grade class was like a family. It seriously was. It's hard to describe, and sounds somewhat odd, but I remember E-man was the big daddy. Everyone was really close in our class and it was made u! p of a lot of amazing people who are still great friends today. Brent and Scott were best friends until the end. I remember also in 5th grade Brent, Anna Brown, and I were all in library club together after lunch. We goofed around a lot and I remember Anna and I were always trying to impress him. Brent was always such a pleasant person to be around. He was quiet, yet sometimes i knew exactly what he was thinking. Everyone remembers him for his smile because there was something magical about it. It was the most genuine smile I have ever seen. i always felt like he really cared about me as a friend, and would always be willing to listen to what I had to say.  5th grade was, as dorky as it sounds, one of the best years of my life. Life began to get more complicated as we all grew older together, and highschool was here before we knew it. Brent and I still rode the bus together through the beginning of our ninth grade year. We talked about girls, school, and sports, som! e days touching on more serious topics and others. We sort of grew apart after 9th grade because we didnt have any classes together, but I when I would occasionally see him I got the same encouraging smile I knew I could always count on. Brent was an incredible person. I am so thankful we were friends, and got to share parts of our lives with eachother. To have known him, makes me miss him incredible, but I would rather have had what little time we did, than to have given up knowing him at all to escape the pain.
Geoff Ferguson - 7/1/05
Its very hard to look at all the great memories that Brent and I shared and pick the one that stands out the most to me considering every time we were together it was the greatest time.  Brent was a great friend from the first day I met him.  Brent was like a brother to me.  Soccer season was what brought Brent and I together at a young age. Through soccer Brent Scott and I  became the 3 closest friends around.  I will never forget the hundreds of sleepovers and days spent with Brent.  There is still not ONE day that goes by with out thoughts of him.  Sometimes it is just little things that reminded me of him and others and things that bring tears to my eyes.  All of these just proving that he is indeed still with us.  Brent is a Great man and will always be here.
Alexis Fuson 7/31
If I could think of one person who could brighten anyones day it would be Brent. He always had this smirk on his face that made everyone wonder what he was thinking about. I knew Brent all throughout middle school but I got to know him a lot better in 9'th grade when we had english w/ Mrs. Zemonek together... One of my favorite memories of Brent was when we were doing our final English project for our exam together. Our group was me, Brent, Laura, and Ian and we had put off doing the project untill the night before it was due.. which was a big mistake because we ended up being at my house from 2:30 -11:30 and we still weren't done. My favorite part about that night was when Laura and I were so tired and so hyper off of pop that we were doing all of this crazy stupid stuff infront of Brent and his face was so red because he couldnt stop laughing at us. Brent was such and amazing person and I know that he was always be in our hearts.